About NathanOkh.com

Hello and welcome to NathanOkh.com! This is a website and portfolio site to give you a representation of my work, art, development and abilities in crafts that I love and focus on. Because I have always found it hard to focus on one aspect of art, science and communication you'll see my knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of areas. From artistic development of the physical, metaphysical and non-physical too web development of websites, web apps, think tanks, projects, business, and blogs. I like to make sure that my employers, patrons, friends and family get exactly what they need and want out of our projects together.

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About Me and Photography

Da Vinci once said, "The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding." My love for art, drawing, science, mathematics and language started at a very young age. Learning the history of Da Vinci and the many other great artists of the Renaissance artists and philosophers had a huge impact on my journey to become a great photographer. Their great works, work ethics and philosophy made me an eager explorer in this world. I came to understand that not everyone's understanding is the same, nor the methods that come to those understandings so I searched and learned to communicate and understand in a multitude of methods. This brings me to my love to materialize and immortalize my perception of nature, people, emotion, ideas, and the world which I has brought me great pleasure.

Through the years my development in the arts started from training my hands to allow me to illustrate my deepest thoughts, emotions, and the physical world through drawing, painting and graphic design. Later, when I received my first film camera, I trained my eye and my understanding to capture essence of a scene, the composition of light, development of film rolls and pictures through chemistry. Soon after I became a digital photography pioneer in my family and school, now I feel as though my digital photography skills are at a expert level. My understanding of film photography prepared my understand of how digital cameras work manually, and the use of photo editing softwares allow me to instantly proceed to post photography development making my photos stand out from others.

Presently, I am working with my patrons to deliver beautifully captured and framed images of their event, engagement, birthdays, portraits and more. With my educational, artistic and experienced background I know that I can deliver. Lets work together on your next project, or engagement.

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