Snapshoots and Memories

Professional Photography Services

Greetings! Thank for you taking the time to visit. I have reached my tenth year of taking amazing photographs and doing business. Specializing in bringing in the human, creative, collaborative and freeing elements of freelance photography I am here specifically to capture your Events, Portraits, Nature, and Landscape photography needs.

Collaboration, Celebration, and Creation

Collaboration is the key to success in any art endeavor. With whatever degree of communication and collaboration you are comfortable with I aim to discuss our ideas, expectations and dreams so that on that special day I know exactly what you'll love.

Experience and Expertise

I wouldnt be here if I wasnt providing anything less the exceptional experience and expertise in a field that I love so dearly. Since early childhood I have been training myself to perserve my perception of life around me and my imagination within through drawing, painting, and graphic design. Throughout highschool I exelled in Black and White Photography and even helped established the first Digital Photography ROP Program in my county. Through my expertise of Photoshop, Illustrator InDesign, and Photography skill I became TA and sought out to do more with my talent. Now with over ten years of experience, and study let me make sure those memorable moments and designs are captured forever.

Deliverables: Cloud and Flash

In todays fast pace world its important to be able to access your data quickly and from anywhere on any device. That is why I provide unlimited cloud storage for our photography and graphic projects on Google Drive, and physical copies through a encrypted secure flash drive that I will send to you through postage. No matter the method, or emergency I will personally hold your pictures for as long possible so you can always retrieve them in the future!