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I have been designing and developing for small businesses and artists around the San Francisco Bay Area since 2012. From ground zero full stack development too using content management systems I am here to provide you with the best service and price offered anywhere. My first mission, is to be creative, be technical, and provide my community, small business owners, artists and entrepreneurs amazing service and marketing access to the World Wide Web at disruptively competitive pricing. My second mission, is to collaborate with others on projects, prototypes and mock-ups that build positive psychosocial enlightenment, and unity within our communities, nation, and globally through sports, esports, art, volunteering and education.

To Build or Not to Build a Website? That is the question!

In today's hyper-connected world almost all customers and consumers will preview businesses websites to get a first impression of who you are, and what you sell, offer or provide. This is all done from their fingertips before even thinking about visiting or calling. If you are self-employed, a small business, an artist or blogger providing services, products, or advertisement space then you’ll most definitely need a website to stay competitive and reach more customers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay more connected with your customers, community and generate higher sales! Contact me about my special offer for Cross Platform Mobile Friendly Website Design now.

Web Design, Consulting and Development Services

Web Architect

I can build your website from the ground up, or from the inside out. All you need to do is provide me with your business type, theme, vision content, or source code. With my knowledge and experience in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL Database, Hosting, AWS, Github, and more, I’ll take it from there.

Web Remodeler

Have a website already but its out of date, has bugs, needs new content, or a complete remodel? You’ll definitely need a new web developer who know how to modify and build “from the inside out…” This requires an expert at reading code, and being able to decipher what the previous programmer created. Lets chat about what’s going on with your current website, and how I can help you.

Web Wizard

Does making and hosting a website sound daunting to you? Learning how to use and maintaining a hosting server, domain, code, or even the content management system that your interested in is difficult, and time consuming. If you’d rather want me to take care of your entire web and IT needs while you focus on your services, products and costumers lets get started right away.

Fellowship of the Web

If you or your team are tech savvy and want a website that you can maintain and manage once its been launched, I’m the one you need. I will setup the time it takes to provide your websites workflow, and how to make those necessary changes when needed.



Jamie Rodny is an amazing professional photographer. She has an amazing eye and wonderful ability to capture those rare moments that only a professional can do. Jamie requested that a mobile friendly website with an awesome gallery, simple elegant look to just emphasis her pictures, and the ability to upload her pictures her self.

CMS used: Wordpress
Link: http://www.jamierodny.com


Dr. Antonio Vera D.D.S, M.M.Sc had just established his practice and came to me to help him create a simple, clean, and inviting website. In todays fast pace world finding a store, service provider, or car ride is just a few clicks and swipes away. So in addition to the initial needs I made his website fully mobile friendly.

Languages used: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, MySQL and PHP.
Link: http://www.harvardendo.com

PianoLessonsBy Roman

Aspiring to educate and teach his community about the magic, tradition, theory, sounds and love for music and piano, he needed a better way to reach out to his immediate community. So I helped make him a simple business blog website. He did not want anything fancy and didn’t care for a mobile friendly version. Instead helped him create brochures, community postings, craigslist postings, created a Google AdWord campaign, and got him on the three major search engine maps (Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, and Bing Maps).

Languages used: HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL
Link: http://www.pianolessonsbyroman.com